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Diwali decorating ideas for home and office that will brighten up your festival

Diwali decorating ideas for home and office that will brighten up your festival
Written by Karu Cheema

Diwali is around the corner and celebration are about to start but without house decoration any celebration is not complete. House full of lights and gifts hampers adds the spark to the celebration. Diwali is all about ethnic culture, so decorate your house accordingly with collection of home decor. You can’t feel magic of decoration without lights when it comes to Diwali. The decor planning can be very hectic and confusing as well and we all want to try our hands on something different.

Here are some ideas for decorating the house and office this Diwali:  

Tea lights & Flowers 

Use some Tealights and merge them with colour combination flowers. Decorate them the way you like around the corners of your windows or door entries and light up the house with them.

Earthen Lamp or Diya 

Creating theme is challenging and requires right kind of balance and choice of content. You can use some painted diya’s and or diya with glitter on them. If you want to create your own art, take simple diya’s and paint them at home, using some glitters to add more spark on them. Decorate them the way you like this Diwali.

Floating Candles

Fill your corners with your own theme by simply using floating candles. You can get clay decorative bowls or metal bowls, fill them with water and stick some colorful floating  candles in it. Add some flowers petals to create beautiful theme at your house corners.  you can decorate them the way you like.


How can you miss Diwali tradition without adding rangoli. Add some colorful twist using different colors. You can also add some more elements such as diyas, earthen pots to be more creative.

Paper Lantern

Diwali decoration is much easier now a days, you can mix tradition with some oriental style by adding new elements and themes. Paper lanterns are so in for Diwali and simply makes the decoration elegant yet beautiful.

Bottle Lamps

You can create your creativity  at home with simple ideas. Use some glass or plastic bottles. Take some glass bottles in different dark shades and add some led lights in them, the spark of creating something simple is not a bad idea. You can also use some old plastic bottles and decorate them with glitter paint cut them in different shapes. You can stick some candle or use some small led lights.

Diwali Toran

Festival celebrations must not only be kept inside, hang some torn outside your house door. It will make your house look auspicious as well as decorative. You can choose different toran depending upon your theme you picking in your mind.


How about adding some smell divine bound at home. Use some potpurri available in the market or you can create your own using any theme and fragrance of your choice. Decorate them on side table or at your staircase and go voila.

Holy Crystal Decoration 

Use some Crystal show pieces of God figures and place them around the house to bring some divine touch to your house. You can add some contemporary theme by using some colorful theme before placing these crystal pieces.

Balloon Twine Lights 

Use some modern yet traditional touch to your decoration. Balloon twine lights are very popular concept now a days. You can hang them around the house for an artsy theme.

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