Diwali 2017- Watch Ramayan online and Know the roots of deepawli

Diwali 2017- Watch Ramayan online and Know the roots of deepawli
Written by Ria Maheshwari

With the onset of the festival of light, Diwali, still, some of us are unaware of the historical-tale. History of our motherland, the history of our religion, the history of our festivals and much more. But do not forget, History has been full of life, colors, and love. And to bring the same feel of why do we celebrate Diwali, what is the major reason of lighting the diyas or light, why do we clean our homes, it is necessary to know all. And without any charge, let us sit together and watch Ramayan online and know all the reasons.

Sometimes in the mist of taking our lives too seriously, we often forget the main reason to cherish the festival. Instead without the knowledge, we urge to follow the old-basic rituals that are told by our grandparents. But this Diwali, we live the fresh air from the same bottle. We expect you all to watch Ramayan and understand the reason, respect the words, embrace the god and goddess, and learn the verses of truth.

Ramayan, which is the core thing in our Indian History. Also, seems to be the most constant thing as per our knowledge is available on YouTube or even you can watch online. In fact there have been parts divided on basis of the chapters of Ramayan on YouTube in order to understand the deepest of the knowledge. All we pray to god is for good health, bright future and wealth in all. Best wishes for Diwali 2017.

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