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Dhanteras 2017: What to buy according to your Sun Sign

Dhanteras 2017: What to buy according to your Sun Sign
Written by Ashish Sharma

Dhanteras or Dhantrayodhsi is considered as an auspicious day in Hinduism. The day is associated with Luck and Wealth.Let’s check out the what 17th October offers for you based on your sun signs.

Aries(21st March to 20th April): As these people possess artistic skills and love decorations.On this Dhanteras they should buy Copper Vessels and Red Coloured Objects.

Taurus(21st April to 21st May): As the dark clouds are not yet over and the most vibrant time of the year is around the corner.For better luck and prosperity you should buy white color as your dress for this festive season. Moreover, Silver jewelry or anything in silver will be beneficial for you this Dhanteras.

Cancer(22nd May to 21st June): The gala time is not over yet and stars are on a high. On this Dhanteras get the White color dress for you and anything in Silver. This will add up a fuel on in your Luck engine.

Lio(22nd June to 22nd July): Lio is known as King of celebration and to make this festive season and should buy Gold, a pink dress and an object made up of Bronze on Dhanteras.

Virgo(23rd July to 22nd August): As the Jupiter and Mars transiting through your Sign, you ought to be flying high this year. On Dhanterus buy Copper vessel, Green colored dress and Fruits.

Libra(23rd August to 22nd September): What you give is what you get you will do your best to keep everyone happy around you. Avoid trips during this festive season. Buy Gold or silver, Plant tulsi at your home and White colored dress for yourself on this Dhanterus.

Scorpio(23rd September to 22nd October): Action or attitude of someone could spoil your Festive Vacations. Buy gold and silver Jewellery or anything related to precious metals. Add white dress to your wardrobe on Dhanterus.

Sagittarius(23rd October to 22nd November): You may get a small injury in the coming days avoid getting closer to sharp things like broken glass, Furniture edges, needles, Knife etc. Wear the new Orange dress and buy Silver coin on this Dhanterus.

Capricorn(22nd December to 20th January): Get some time for your family as your professionalism could hamper your relationships. Buy utensils in Brass or copper, offer Lotus to Lord Vishnu and buy Silver coin on Dhanterus.

Aquarius(21st January to 18th February): Save your salary for the upcoming months as high expenses are visible on your cards. Buy Fruits, Anything related to bronze, Steel, and Gold on this Dhanterus.

Pisces(19th February to 20th March): Advice for t the married couple to avoid indulge in arguments and go for shopping on this Dhanteras. Buy anything in Gold , buy utensils in Copper and Offer fruits to Goddess Lakshmi.

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