Delhi weather conditions still Hazardous, AQI rating hasn’t gone down

Delhi weather conditions still Hazardous, AQI rating hasn’t gone down

Delhi has suffered the worst smog in years, and it seems that the weather is not improving. The AQI number is still at Hazardous in most places in Delhi, and even though the government has assured that there will be some relief in coming days, nothing seems to indicate that is the case yet. Punjabi Bagh has suffered the most, as its AQI number is at 707, and R.K Puram’s condition also doesn’t seem to have changed, as the AQI remains Hazardous, at 516. At Dwarka, its 420, and same for Shadipur. Only IHBAS has been able to turn down the pollution, as its AQI has been reduced to 194.

The Delhi Government will today try to decide the next steps in the direction of reducing the smog, because as per the reports, the ODD-EVEN scheme was cancelled when NGT refused to exempt Women from the scheme and Arvind Kejriwal’s government didn’t have enough resources to carry it out.

There have been reports from the experts that the weather is going to improve in coming days because the worst is gone, but there are only few signs of anything getting better too soon. People are advised to not roam outside of their houses without any purpose because the air is hazardous, and could affect them. They’re also asked to wear masks if they wish to remain outside for too long.

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