Delhi Smog: How to protect from hazardous pollutants

Delhi Smog: How to protect from hazardous pollutants

Delhi has again chocked with a blanket of smog, containing toxic pollutants and the quality of air in the city reached alarming or hazardous levels. As the supreme court in Delhi, banned crackers on this Diwali and Gurupurab but it does not make any difference for the national capital pollution index. The stubble burning in neighboring states like Punjab and Haryana are also responsible for the pollution in the national capital. People must understand that it is not only the responsibility of government to address about the harm of smog, all citizens need to play a role to protect the environment and save them from polluted air.

However, the people are advised to wear a mask which is now easily available in the market to save themselves from harmful pollutants. Several changes in the lifestyle of the individual can prevent the smog formation and cause pollution.

The individual can follow the below steps to protect them from hazardous pollutants:

Pollution mask

People have to use pollution masks before stepping down to market and office. N95 and N99 are easily available in medical stores or people can buy these mark from online websites, Pollution masks are adviced as most effective against air pollution.  

Air purifier

As the air pollution in the red zone, to save your family from unnecessarily medical bills people should buy the air purifier from the market or from online stores like

Avoid traveling in open transport

Avoid open vehicles such as two-wheelers, to travel which can avoid contacting with polluted air. Use public transport and/or cars (ola share cab) to commute anywhere.  

Avoid morning and evening walk

If you love morning and / or evening walk then now you should avoid walking in the pollution-driven air. People can do yoga or meditation at home rather than morning or evening walk. 

Grow plant or tree 

people should grow a number of plants according to their possibilities. Places surrounded by trees and plants are excellent sources of oxygen. Trees help to purify the air as it inhales carbon dioxide and gives oxygen. 

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