Delhi Smog: NGT demands action from the Government in 48 hours

Delhi Smog: NGT demands action from the Government in 48 hours
Written by Abhishek Rana

After few days of respite, the smog has one again enveloped Delhi and the weather has returned to being hazardous again in some areas of the state. National Green Tribunal has now demanded that the government immediately takes steps to counter the pollution and smog levels in the various parts of Delhi. The air conditions had improved after the smoke from Haryana and Punjab had stopped coming toward Delhi and the state had also experience a brief spell of rain. But, the smog soon returned as the month of November ended and the temperature dropped. And then, two days before, during the test match between team Sri Lanka and India, Sri Lankan players were so disturbed by the pollution that they had to put up masks and the game had to be halted.

Their actions were frowned upon, but upon seeing the AQI numbers of the Pollution level in Delhi, it seemed that some areas were suffering from Hazardous level of smog.

Smog in Delhi has become a national news and has attracted more attention to the authorities as people are criticizing them for not being able to control it even after implementing the ODD-EVEN approach for a week and other rules that were supposed to curb its influence on people. The smog is hazardous for Women, children and elders.

It remains to be seen if the Government will respond with a concrete plan to counter or stop the smog, but NGT has issued its demands already.

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