Delhi Smog Live Updates: NGT declines Arvind Kejriwal’s ODD EVEN plan

Delhi Smog Live Updates: NGT declines Arvind Kejriwal’s ODD EVEN plan
Written by Abhishek Rana

The smog situation is Delhi has become worse, and its not reported that it is not going to improve for at least 3 more days. In the response to the outcry from the general public and media, the government has launched the ODD-EVEN scheme again, in the hope to counter the air pollution. The condition of air in Delhi has been rated Hazardous, as per the AQI measurements, and the schools for children up to fifth class have been cancelled for a week. People have been advised against leaving the house without a mask, and to keep children at homes because the smog could create breathing problems for them. Elders are also advised the same.

Now, the reactions from the general public and the politicians are trickling out, and some of them are encouraging while others are critical of the limp way the situation has been handled up till now.

3:44 (IST): The pollution has still not improved and the authorities are now advising people to not venture outside their homes because the air is indeed toxic. CPBP has stated that the PM2.5 and PM10 levels are “severe.” The Government is still clueless about a plan and people are inhaling the pollutants as they breathe.

3:27 (IST): Subramanian Swamy has tweeted that he thinks that ODD EVEN is a fraud, to make money from the public.

3:11 (IST): NGT has now declined Arvind Kejriwal’s ODD EVEN plan because they think that the strategy is counter-productive.

1:20 (IST): Vijay Goes will be addressing the Media on 3:30 PM about the ODD-EVEN plan that has been launched to control smog in Delhi.


1:00 (IST): The BJP has now slammed the Kejriwal government for the faliure of controlling the smog.


12:56 (IST): Owing to the fact that the air conditions are not improving, NGT will be looking and reviewing the ODD-EVEN scheme.

12:46 (IST): The AQI number of Punjabi Bagh has not improved, and is still pointing towards Hazardous, at 836.

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