Delhi smog chokes the city again with toxic air; Children’s advised to wear masks

Delhi smog chokes the city again with toxic air; Children’s advised to wear masks

Delhi has again covered up with toxic air which chokes the whole city. The air pollution of Delhi has reached up to the appalling level. As per the reports of Safar, visibility of smog and air pollution in Delhi would remain poor for 3-4 days. As the air quality has continued to be very poor with falling low of the visibility up to 500 metres across the city. On Monday evening city observed immense polluted air with around 283 PM 10 pollutants and 170 PM 2.5 pollutants which is very harmful to human health. To control this smog and air pollution transport ministry has earlier asked the state government to start odd-even rule again in Delhi.

However, the people are advised to wear a mask to save themselves from this choking polluted air. As per the reports of various experts, the speed of wind would remain slow, so, to clear up this choking air may take some time. The Delhi city has seen many people in the cyclothon donning masks. Also, the authorities have advised children to wear cyclothon donning masks to get away from choking air.

Every year in November Delhi chokes up with toxic air because of the Diwali pollution and the stubble burning in neighbouring states like Punjab and Haryana. Everyone in Delhi is facing difficulties because of immense smog while driving. Also, the various schools across the city have cancelled the outdoor activities for the students. However, as per the reports of whether official, Delhi may get relief by 10 November from this toxic smog.

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