Delhi schools to remain shut until Sunday due to smog and high pollution levels

Delhi schools to remain shut until Sunday due to smog and high pollution levels

In this erupting smog in the capital city, Delhi, the Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has laid the orders for all the schools to shut until Sunday. Due to the unbearable air pollution, it has become very difficult for every age to breath. Hence, the orders to remain the school closed until Sunday has been announced.The Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, who has shown concern for the students, stated on his twitter account, “Can’t compromise with the health of children. All schools including private and government will remain closed until Sunday for all the classes.”

Following a series of the tweet. And we are totally in support of this action. This came after the air-quality of the Delhi on Tuesday worsen and soon on Wednesday, Delhi woke up deteriorated haze as pollution spiked up hitting more than 30 times the world health organisation’s safe level. And since, this action became the need for the small kids going to school.

After the morning smog was high in the sky, a lot of precautions are been told to common people via the medium of social media. Which includes not lighting the Aagrbaatis, instead of lighting Desi Ghee’s Diya would help a lot, which is a great step for keeping the house and environment clean and breath in. also, doctors in the capital city, Delhi, are promoting to warn the general public of the air pollution increases day by day. All we pray for a safer environment.

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