No court order could stop people from celebrating Diwali in their own way, which led to another haze filled night and has caused the pollution levels to rise again, though, even if they’re not as alarming as 2016, they’re still hazardous for the general public, and should be alarming to anyone who disobeyed the orders and bursts crackers last night. The Central Pollution Control Board, has reported that the Pollution levels are comparatively lower than previous year. The Air Quality Index value was reported to be 319, which is bad, but still better than in 2016, when it was calculated to be 421.

RK Puram, for example, suffered the worst of the Pollutants, and has a 978(Hazardous) Air Quality Index, which is both alarming and shocking because no one bothered to follow the rules and not burst crackers.

Having a poor AQI means that people are vulnerable to respiratory illnesses if they breathe in for a longer amount of time, and it seems that at many places, such was the case.

There has been an outcry on social media, where people are condemning others for disobeying the riles and making others suffer by being reckless and bursting crackers, even though the full extent of their actions is yet to be seen.

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