Delhi photographer Ankit Saxena’s shocking murder causes alarm

Delhi photographer Ankit Saxena’s shocking murder causes alarm
Written by Abhishek Rana

Delhi resident, Ankit Saxena, 23 years old, was murdered by the family members of a muslim girl, Shehzadi. He was beaten and stabbed to death by her father’s butchering knife, on a west Delhi road. Ankit was a wedding photographer and had been in love with Shehzadi, but her family was not in agreement with their relationship as they belong to different religions. Ankit’s family has requested to not politicize or communalize the matter, as they just want justice for the murder of their son. Saxena had tried to deny his relationship with Shehzadi when he was threatened by her family, but was still killed, in what the family have alleged was a fit of rage.

Shehzadi, who has been traumatized by Ankit’s death, has refused to go back to her house and has been staying at the Khyala police station. She has spoken out against her family, and said that her family killed Ankit.

Meanwhile, BJP has asked for a 1 crore compensation for the family of the deceased. Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari, stated on Twitter that he has met Ankit’s family and that appropriate medical facilities have been provided to his mother. He has also asked people and politicians alike to not communalize the murder.

Ever since it came to the media attention, Ankit’s murder and the horrific details of the crime have shocked people on social media. Security has been beefed up to avoid any violent confrontations between the two communities because of the aggression related to the crime.

According to Saxena’s friends, he was very serious about his relationship with Shehzadi and had wanted to marry her this year.

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