Delhi Metro fare increased from today as per the DMRC orders. The fares of Delhi Metro to be hike by a maximum Rs 10 for those who are travelling over two kilometres. On Monday DMRC department refused to interfere in the fares hike matter of the metro that will be increased from Tuesday. This decision came on a day when Delhi Assembly passed a resolution against the fare hike that leads to an increase of Rs 10 for 5km. The revision in the fares was recommended by the fourth Fare Fixation Committee which is set up by the central government.

However, this is the part two revision in which fare hike will see the increase of rates by Rs 10. Earlier on 10th May, part one of fare hike was imposed in which ticket costs were raised from Rs 8 to Rs 10 and the maximum from Rs 30 to Rs 50. Although DMRC continues 10 percent discount for the commuters with a smart card. As per the reports, there are around 70% of the Delhi Metro commuters use smart cards. And the decision of metro fare hike was opposed by the state government AAP.

The board of decision came with a decision that Delhi Metro fares are set to increase by anywhere between Rs 5 and Rs 10. On Sunday AAP in the letter to Union Housing and Urban Affairs Minister Hardeep Singh Puri, AAP Arvind Kejriwal wrote that AAP government ready to pay half of the funds to DMRC if the centre will pay the rest, perhaps, Delhi government proposal rejected. And the fare revision was imposed by DMRC from today because of the losses in the input costs. Here is the list of revised Delhi Metro fares.

Revised Rates Monday to Saturday
Distance (Km’s) Phase I Phase II
0-2 10 10
2-5 15 20
5-12 20 30
12-21 30 40
21-32 40 50
>32 50 60
Revised Rates on National Holidays
Distance (Km’s) Phase I Phase II
0-2 10 10
2-5 10 10
5-12 10 20
12-21 20 30
21-32 30 40
>32 40 50

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