Delhi, Mandawali, 3 sisters found dead, police rules out foul play

Delhi, Mandawali, 3 sisters found dead, police rules out foul play

The bodies of three sisters were discovered in Delhi’s Mandawali. The sisters were aged, two, four and eight respectively. They were sent to the Hospital by their family members, and were declared dead by the authorities after check up of their bodies. The police investigated the case, however, finally declared that there was no foul play in the death of the sisters, no injury or marks were visible on their bodies to indicate that they had been killed or subjected to abuse. The cause of death now seems to be natural, and the bodies have been sent for postmortem, and an inquiry has been ordered in the case to figure out how the three died together.

The father of the sisters was unemployed and the family was struggling financially, but there is no indication that he killed them for any specific reason, since there is no evidence against him, or to signify an unnatural death.

The father had left for work in the morning, and wasn’t home, when the neighbors entered house, which was unlocked. They found the three girls, unconscious, which must have been a shocking sight for them, and could’ve easily misguided them to think of foul play. The case is being investigated under Section 174 of the CrPC.

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