Delhi Government takes Anti-Smog gun trial to reduce Pollution level

Delhi Government takes Anti-Smog gun trial to reduce Pollution level
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Today, Delhi government took a trial of Anti-Smog gun at Anand Vihar ISBT to reduce pollution level. The Delhi Government has finally come over with a step against Smog. Since two months, Delhi the capital City of India was facing several difficulties because of dense smog and high population level. Therefore, the government of Delhi has come over with innovative measure to prevent a city from bad air quality. The Anti-Smog gun is the device which used to reduce smog from the Air. However, the Delhi Government is now waiting for the results of Anti-Smog gun trials.

The Anti-Smog gun is also called fog Cannon. It is comprised of a cylindrical drum with a tank which stores water and the high-velocity exhaust fan. The Anti-Smog is pumped with the water which travels from tank to the exhaust fan. And later on which blows out water in the Air in the form of microdroplets. As per the reports, the theory behind the Anti-Smog gun is that the sprayed water in the form of micro-droplets will cling on to the pollutants and wash it down by making the effect of fake rain. And Currently, the trial is going on to find out if the theory holds true or not.

Moreover, the Anti-Smog gun is designed to tackle the problem of airborne dust particles which is generated because of mining activities, bulk material handling and the construction work. Also, the innovative Anti-Smog gun is used to suppress up to 95% of the airborne dust particles. Innovative Anti-Smog gun to reduce air pollution has invented by the Cloud Tech company which only designs and operates the fog cannon. The director of Haryana based Cloud Tech, Vimal Saini said presently, the Anti-Smog gun has used for reducing dust particles of the mines and thermal power plants.

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