Finally, the Delhi government has submitted its action plan report on air pollution to NGT. Today, the Delhi government has submitted its much-awaited action plan to combat pollution level and the bad air quality. However, two days back NGT slammed Aam Aadmi party for not taking any decision or action against the poor air quality. Also, NGT had given the 48 hours time to Delhi government to submit its report against the Delhi air pollution action plan. Since one month Delhiites are suffering from the bad air quality. The bad air quality level affected many who have asthma or breathing problem.

Also, the test match between India and Sri Lanka halted as the players suffered from vomit sensation while playing on the field. Therefore, NGT again pulled Delhi government and asked to submit action plan in two days. As per the reports, in their action plan, Delhi Government told NGT that Odd-even will be implemented without exemptions if the pollution level touches the sever category.

Accordance with the highly dense air pollution level finally the Delhi government action plan submitted to the NGT after a month. Earlier, the government claims that the Delhi Pollution level increased due to the reason for burning crops. So, in their action plan government have also banned the burning of waste and shut down the pollution causing industries.

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