How to delete Whatsapp messages; Check Twitter reactions over Whatsapp outage

How to delete Whatsapp messages; Check Twitter reactions over Whatsapp outage

Whatsapp down, millions of people around the world facing problem while sending, receiving and deleting messages. The Facebook-owned app Whatsapp has apparently gone down because of a server problem. However, Whatsapp server down is got to know from the Twitter. As Twitterati overflowed with the hashtag Whatsapp down on Twitter. The new Whatsapp feature is up and rolling that is why the server went down. The new WhatsApp delete feature is providing the opportunity to the users to delete the message which they have sent.

Many people are getting texts from their friends that message was deleted by using this new feature. And this WhatsApp feature was implemented last month, but it is now available on most of the smartphones after the update. And it rolling out earlier this week in India.

Whatsapp is finally updating its new feature ‘Delete for Everyone’ so that might be the issue for the server down. Whatsapp the instant messaging application has become the hub for the personal and professional use. Lately, the app has come over with various new feature. And finally, it has launched the feature of deleting messages. And to delete sent messages you can follow these steps.

Here are the steps to use new Whatsapp delete feature

  • Firstly, open Whatsapp and the go to the chat
  • Then Tap and hold the message the message you want to delete
  • Optionally, Tap more messages to delete multiple chats at once
  • At last, Tap Delete on the screen and select ‘Delete for everyone’ to delete messages from other hand users

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