Defense Expo 2018: India’s presentation of defence weapons commences

Defense Expo 2018: India’s presentation of defence weapons commences
Written by Abhishek Rana

The Defense Expo 2018 is going to open officially on April 12 2018, but today it had its inauguration today in Chennai. The expo is continue till four days, during which the nation is going to showcase its prowess relating to the defense of India and its capabilities to manufacture defence weapons. India’s defense expo has become one of the biggest events across the world, with major media attention shown for the presentation of the weapons. 670 defense firms, including 154 foreign manufacturers are going to participate in the event, to show case the weapons. The theme of the current even is going to exhibit the major force that India is when it comes to producing weapons.

During the press conference the, Nirmala Sitharam said that, “The Ministry of Defense has to take care of Indian Armed Forces as well as India’s defence production.” She also added, “You are sitting in a historic location. Huge ships of Chola kingdom had gone to South East Asia from here. I urge everyone to visit Mahabalipuram.”

The nation’s “best testing facilities for private defence industry to be showcased at Def Expo 2018. The equipment testing facilities are now open for startups to facilitate indigenous production”. The expo is going to be crucial for the nation’s reputation as a power in the world and in following days.

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