Narendra Modi today inaugurated the annual Defence Expo, 2018, and also announced the plan to make the country one of the most important players in the business of developing defence equipment and weapons. The country will also try to manufacture the parts that are used in the weapons here, so that they don’t have to rely on other countries to provide with all the machinery that takes to build these equipment. Modi also inaugurated the Make in India pavilion at the Defence Expo. The exhibit had started yesterday but today it was officially opened for others too.

The Indian Air Force announced that it is going to 110 flying jets that could reach the cost of 15 Billion. There will be more significance to the “Make In India” initiative during these four days, as mutual deals are being reportedly signed on. 670 defence companies including 154 foreign manufacturers are going to participate in the presentation of weapons and military hardware of India.

Delegations from countries like, US, the UK, Russia, Afghanistan and Sweden, Finland, Italy, Madagascar, Myanmar, Nepal, Portugal, Seychelles and Vietnam and going to be present during the expo. The theme for this year’s expo is “India: The Emerging Defence Manufacturing Hub”, which seems appropriate as the country is steadily become more powerful in the field of defence.

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