DCW team and Swati Maliwal rescued 39 girls from a hotel in Paharganj

DCW team and Swati Maliwal rescued 39 girls from a hotel in Paharganj

Delhi Commission for women has rescued 39 girls from Paharganj hotel at around one o’clock in the morning. All of these girls are from Nepal and are preparing to send everyone out of India. Swati Maliwal, president of Delhi Women’s Commission, handled this rescue with the police officers herself and all Nepali girls imprisoned in a hotel were safely pulled out. This is the third moment this week when the raiding has been followed to rescued girls. These girls were trafficked from Nepal. The DCW had earlier rescued 16 girls from Munirka area on July 25. Actually, the team of Delhi Women’s Commission received an information that several Nepali girls were kept at the hotel of Paharganj. When the woman commission team reached the hotel and saw the records, they came to know about 39 Nepalese girls here, after which they were taken straight from here to the Paharganj police station.

Hotel staff said that these girls had stayed there for 15 days, all had given Nepal passports as their identity and were coming from the hotel continuously. Delhi Police has registered this case and girls are being given medical checkup because the women’s commission team said that girls were being subjected to prostitution and sexual harassment was being done with them.

Swati Maliwal has accused the Delhi Police after the release of girls. She said that a large racket of human trafficking is being run under the nose of the Delhi Police and the police do not even know it. He said that there should be a thorough investigation of this whole issue, which gang is behind this racket of human trafficking?

Delhi Commission for women president Swati Maliwal says that 5 days ago, we raided on Delhi’s Munrika area, and yesterday from Madangarh and in Paharganj, in three raids out of which total 73 girls have been rescued. She further said that all of them were preparing to send Gulf countries. The girls told us how the agents had promised them jobs in the Iran and Kuwait. They were cramped in a small room,” the DCW chief added.

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