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Cyclone Titli in Odisha, Andhra Pradesh Live Updates; Landfall near Gopalpur and Srikakulam

Cyclone Titli in Odisha, Andhra Pradesh Live Updates; Landfall near Gopalpur and Srikakulam

BHUBANESWAR: A high alert has been issued in North coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh. in view of the extremely dangerous cyclonic storm Titli. After predicting the possibility of Titli to cross the Bay of Bengal CM Pa. The speed of cyclone is increasing to 165 kilometers per hour, and it is expected to cause heavy rains and devastation. The national weather office(NWO) IMD had issued a red alert yesterday over a deep depression present for some time over the Bay of Bengal that has intensified into a cyclonic storm and was heading towards the Odisha and Andhra Pradesh coast. Titli is very likely to intensify further into a severe cyclonic storm during the next 24 hours, the IMD had added. The Odisha government has alerted all district authorities to prepare for emergency relief work. The IMD has also warned of heavy rain in West Bengal and north Andhra Pradesh. The Odisha government has announced the closure of all schools and colleges from today in four districts of the state as a precautionary measure against Cyclone in Odisha.

Cyclone Titli Alert in Odisha Live Updates

8:00 AM IST- Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has ordered all schools, colleges, and Anganwadi centers to be closed on Thursday and Friday in view of heavy rains in the state. College students union elections to be held on Thursday have also been canceled.

7:30 AM IST- People from Gopalpur district of Odisha have been safely evacuated. There is a possibility of a Titli storm in the district around 5:30 in the morning. The process of evacuating the place immediately after the arrival of the cyclone has prompted the estimation of the Indian Meteorological Department to rise up to one meter high waves in the sea.

7:00 AM IST- NDRF and Odisha Disaster Response Action Force (ODRAF) personnel have already been deployed in sensitive districts. So far the army has not asked for help. If needed, army help will be taken.

IMD Issued Notice

IMD Issued Notice

The area of deep low pressure in the Bay of Bengal happened on Tuesday morning at 11.30 in the ‘Titli’ cyclonic storm. This storm is likely to be more intense today. Meteorologist RS Sharma said that the estimated cyclone storm in the Bay of Bengal was to reach Gopalpur in Odisha on the afternoon of October 11. The impact of the hurricane in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh will be more visible. Strong winds will run and Heavy rainfall will definitely occur.

The ‘Titli’ Cyclone in Jharkhand is expected to be visible from Wednesday. In south Jharkhand, there may be heavy rains on 11 and 12 October. There is a possibility of moderate and light rain in the remaining places. Rains on Jamshedpur and surrounding areas will start on Wednesday.

The weather scientist said that after the monsoon, all eyes were fixed on the storm and its speed. With the impact of the storm, the temperature in the crusher is likely to decline. There will be a feeling of cold in the daytime. Autumn will take the Navaratri along with Autumn.

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