Alert for Cyclone Sagar raised by IMD department, Caution advised for Gujarat coast

Alert for Cyclone Sagar raised by IMD department, Caution advised for Gujarat coast
Written by Abhishek Rana

Cyclone Sagar is brewing in the Indian Arabian sea, and the Metereological Department  has already released a warning that it is going to spread further, and could be proceeding towards the Gulf of Oman.  The winds are predicted to reach speed of 65-75 kmph and gusting to 85 kmph. The sea condition is going to be high, as the department has suggested in the statement. However, the cyclone isn’t going to have any severe effect on Gujrati coast, the Indian Meteorological department has still advised to practice caution. They have asked the fishermen to not wade into the deeper water, because of the change in the weather conditions.

“Fishermen are advised not to venture into Gulf of Aden and adjoining areas of west-central and south-west Arabian sea. Hoist signal DW-II at all the ports of south and north Gujarat,” the department has told to the people.

A Distant Warning (DW) signal number 2 has been launched at all the sea ports in Gujarat. According to the weather predictions, the storm is going to turn toward the west southwards in a matter of day. The cyclone is still very far from the coast of Gujarat, and has a very little possibility of it reaching the shores, as experts have said. The IMD department has already advised the fishermen to not venture into the Gulf of Aden, as the storm hits it in a day.

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