Cyclone Ockhi: Intensity of the Cyclone could weaken till Monday

Cyclone Ockhi: Intensity of the Cyclone could weaken till Monday
Written by Abhishek Rana

Cyclone Ockhi will reportedly calm down somewhat in the coming days, as the forecast from the Regional Specialized Meteorological Center suggests that it’ll be have less severe  (from “very severe to just severe”) intensity, and that it’ll continue to hold until Tuesday. The cyclone has already been destructive enough for the villagers and fishermen in Kerala and some have commented it is the angriest storm they’ve seen years. Fishermen and boats have been restricted from going into the sea, and even regions in North Maharashtra, South of Gujarat and Lakshadweep Island have been advised not to venture in the sea.

The Cyclone has already claimed  more than five lives in Kerala, and few fishermen have gone missing from the sea. However, India Coast Guard ship was able to save 19 fishermen from Kanyakumari sea, and were seen returning to the Harbor.

Cyclone Ockhi had originated and evolved in the Bay of Bengal, and then quickly moved on to Kerala. Now, it has been reported to move from Kerala to the north west region, but because of lessened intensity and red alert around the country, fishermen should take the advice of the authorities and keep away from the sea.

There could be moderated rainfall in Tamil Nadu, and Pondicherry regions, and Fishermen are advised to not step in the coastal areas.



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