Cyclone Ockhi affects Mumbai, heavy rainfall expected for some time

Cyclone Ockhi affects Mumbai, heavy rainfall expected for some time

Cyclone Ockhi has reached up from Kerala, to Gujarat and is now raging in Maharashtra, or specifically, heavy rains are now being experienced in Mumbai, which has caused authorities to raise alerts and restricted fishermen from venturing out in the sea. Resident are experiencing heavy downpour in the Kandivali region, Mira-Bhayander and Vasar Vasai. Schools and colleges have been closed temporarily for the time being as there’s the difficulty of being stuck in traffic or any other mishap. The temperature has also dropped to 22 degree Celsius; it is cool and windy. The Cyclone has now weakened and is over the South Arabian seas and with a distance of 390 Km from Surat. It is 230 Km from Mumbai but is still strong enough to elicit heavy downpour.

The Cyclone that Originated in the Bay of Bengal and has been wreaking havoc on the Indian states of Kerala and Pondicherry, before moving up to Gujarat and then Maharashtra. The Government has issued warning to people and residents to keep away from the sea, but it has still caused loss of property, with uprooted trees and smashed buildings.

Some fishermen have also gone missing, been rescued by the Indian Naval forces and have also died in the chaos.

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