College students from Amity and Delhi University arrested in drug racket

College students from Amity and Delhi University arrested in drug racket
Written by Abhishek Rana

College students from Amity and Delhi University were arrested in drug racket, for being in possession of illegal substances, with more than 1kg of charas and LSD blotters. The arrests were made by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB). S K Jha, DDG, NCB commented on the arrests, “For the last few months, NCB Delhi Zonal unit has been receiving inputs about drug peddling and intense abuse of drugs around institutional areas like Delhi University, Jawaharlal University and Amity University,” Concerns over the rise of drug use and the influence of the Drug smugglers had been rising in the capital for some time, with, DG NCB Rina Mitra asking to curb the situation.

The arrests were made with carefully moderated intelligence inputs from various sources, so that the right culprits were found and tried. They got specific information that LSD blotters will soon be shipped through DTDC courier to Jaipur for the upcoming new year celebrations, where they will be distributed in parties and other events.

When they got the information, the NCB made their move and reached the DTDC office at Vijay Nagar, Delhi, where they found three LSD blotters, which were then seized.

But there was even more to be discovered, as 1.140 kgs charas was seized from Gaurav Kumar and three other individuals, Sam Mallick, Aniruddh Mathur and Tenzin Phunchog, who are now in police custody.

A further inquiry from the arrested individuals revealed that they were students from Amity, Jawaharlal Nehru and Delhi University colleges. One of the students who was the major player in the drug smuggling game was Gaurav Kumar, student of Hindu college, who had been peddling drugs from the North Campus Area.

The DDG commented on his involvement in the case, “He procures the charas (Hashish) from one NeelChand of Himachal Pradesh and sells them to students and others in the North Campus area. He also revealed that he had booked the parcel containing LSD to Jaipur through one of his friends, Sam Mallick who is a student of JNU.”

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