Coast Guard helicopter crash lands in Raigad area, Maharashtra

Coast Guard helicopter crash lands in Raigad area, Maharashtra

An Indian coast guard Helicopter, carrying four personnel  crashed near the region of Nandgaon, Raigad in Maharasthra. The reason for the rough landing was some technical difficulties in the helicopter. The personnel were doing the routine surveillance in a Chetak helicopter. when the glitch occurred. Thankfully, no one was hurt too bad and all were rescued from the site, and taken to the Naval Hospital at INHS Asvini in Mumbai. One female passenger did suffer some minor injuries. A very big accident was avoided, as it might have cost four lives if the helicopter had lost control and crashed onto the rocks.

The Helicopter developed the glitch while it was still in the air, so it was hard to do a smooth landing. The exact time of the glitch is being reported as 25 minutes while it was airborne.

People were shocked to learn about the accident, but the reports of minor injuries died provide a relief to what could have been a disaster for life. More details about the accident and the glitch are being investigated, and will be made clear later on. On the photos that have been made available, it seems clear that the helicopter had difficulty in landing, and was merely capable to land safely at the rocks, resulting in some injuries to the passengers.

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