CISF denies reverse entry at Delhi Airport

CISF denies reverse entry at Delhi Airport

The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF)  has now said no to reverse entry at the Delhi Airport, so now, people whose flights are unfortunately delayed because of fog or some other weather conditions, will just have to wait inside the Airport. During bad weather or fog conditions, when it is not suitable for the airplanes to take flight, the Passengers are told to just sit in the plane until the weather conditions are at least normal and the flight can take off. However, this has resulted in many complaints by some people, as they begin to feel strange in the enclosed space of the airplane and can also suffer from mild suffocation sometimes.

However, an operator working on the  airport had sent out a request, asking for the passengers to return to the airport when the flight is delayed so that they can wait before the sky is clear and the plane can take off. But the request has now been denied by the CISF officials. The reason for the denial of the request is that the “a security concern as passengers will get mixed”. Elaborating, the official, who has requested that his identity be kept a secret, has said that once the passengers are out of the terminal, they can’t come back from the boarding gate inside the Airport.

He added that between the boarding gate and plane, any kind of object can be given to the passenger, and such security can’t be taken by the authorities. The airside of the airport is a very high security place and cannot be compromised just because some people might feel comfortable for a little while. Below, 1,000 metres, the visibility is not good and flights are not recommended to take off because it might compromise the security of the passengers on-board.

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