China sent troop in Djibouti to set up first millitary base oversees

China sent troop in Djibouti to set up first millitary base oversees

China has sent its troops to Djibouti to set up its first military base overseas. Djibouti is mostly a French-Arabic speaking country of volcanic formations and Gulf of Aden beaches in East Africa. China is rapidly expanding its military ties across Africa in recent tears. in African continent, China has already deployed more than 2,500 Chinese combat-ready soldiers and police officer in UN Peacekeeping mission which has raised concerns of “ulterior motives”, while Chinese media claimed it has no desire to control the world but protect its own people.

China is the main trading partner of Africa since 2008. China began to build the naval base last year. China sent its ships carrying military personnel on Tuesday from Zhanjiang. China claimed that the establishment of these base is in the common interest of the people from both the countries and these base will aim at peace-keeping and humanitarian aid in Africa and West Asia.

However, this movement of Chinese ships increases worries for India as it can become China’s another “string of pearl” in the regions of Indian Ocean, surrounding India, including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Myanmar.

America has already set up its permanent military base in Djibouti which is its largest military base in Africa containing more than 4,000 personals. However, China has estabilshed its naval base in the northern Obock region which will eclipse smaller military base of the United States. Apart from the United States of America, countries like Itlay, France Japan, and Italy have also already set up their small military installations.

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