Chennai Weather: Heavy Rains in the state

Chennai Weather: Heavy Rains in the state
Written by Abhishek Rana

Chennai has been assailed by heavy rains again, as had been reported that the state will be experiencing heavy showers beginning from Thursday. It has been a month since the state was flooded with rain water, and most of the activities had to be shut down because the water level rose extreme highs. Schools were also shut down due to the rains, and there was a lot of traffic problem, that cause many pains for the citizens. According to reports now, rain will start in earnest at 10 am and is going to continue for some time later, reportedly till 11 AM.

Chennai citizens have been tweeting about the rains and are saying that the shower is indeed heavy and they’re confused as to why the schools have not been shut for the time being. The Government has not announced any emergencies as of yet, but if the rains continue to pour in, it is possible that they could again block the daily activity of the people.

Because there haven’t been any forecast of a flood, the citizens are advised to not venture out unnecessarily and keep their belongings to themselves. It will also be better if they avoid crowded areas as well.



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