Chandigarh Stalking Case : Victims father has full faith in the system

Chandigarh Stalking Case : Victims father has full faith in the system

Chandigarh Stalking Case which happened a few day ago, a case of stalking was filed against the Haryana BJP chief’s son Vikas Barala and his friend by an IAS officer’s daughter when she was on her way back home. The Chandigarh Police has confirmed that they have recovered a CCTV footage of the incident on the route capturing the chase of victim’s car by the alleged vehicle of the accused. The police also confirmed that the footage showed the victim’s car being followed by a white SUV. As soon as the police got to retrieve the CCTV footage, it announced it to the media as they have earlier faced criticism on this matter when they announced that the CCTV along the route were non-functional.

DGP Tejinder Singh Luthra said that the police have announced about the footage with the victim being chased by the accused in a Tata Safari. However, he refused to disclose the source of footage which he said were either from the police’s CCTV cameras or those privately installed. As per the reports, the victim had called up the police on Friday night complaining that the two youth were chasing her for over 5km. The accused Vikas Birala and Ashish Kumar were initially arrested but were released on bail some hours later. The footage is very much important as it has the prove of charges that Vikas and Kumar followed Varnika Kundu on 4th August at Midnight.

With the resignation of Barala, it’s deputy president Ramveer Bhatti questioned the victim that why she was driving at such odd hours. Congress attacked the government verbally by making statements of lack of necessary actions against the culprits as they were released on bail in the next few hours. Vice-President of Congress, Rahul Gandhi also condemned the incident and said that the state government must punish the guilty and should not conspire with the culprits.

The victim’s father who is a senior Haryana IAS officer has taken to social media to urge the people to fight crime against women said that he has full faith in the system and is grateful that Chandigarh Police for saving his daughter’s life.

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