CBSE Paper leak: Rahul Gandhi and NSUI blast BJP and Narendra Modi

CBSE Paper leak: Rahul Gandhi and NSUI blast BJP and Narendra Modi
Written by Abhishek Rana

NSUI, the Nationa Student Union of India today blasted BJP and Narendra Modi for the leak of the CBSE examination papers for 10th Class Mathematics ans 12th Class economics. On its Twitter account, NSUI wrote, “The callousness of the BJP India has penetrated to the extent of school students now. CBSE admits to the leak of 3 exam papers of Class 10 & 12. NSUI has submitted a Memorandum to HRD Minister Prakash Javedekar urging swift action be taken on this matter.” Further more, it Tweeted, “The Memorandum by NSUI to HRD Minister lists Sacking of CBSE Chairman, announcement of re-exam dates soon, alternative for students who do not want to give the re-exam, inquiry on the CBSE paper leak by retired Judges.”

The CBSE leak has been another controversial situation, after it was revealed recently that the CBSE authorities knew about the leak one day prior to Economic’s examination. The matter has suddenly turned political, as with the students protesting about the re-exams before the CBSE office building, the political parties have pounced on Congress’ throat to accuse them of another short coming, along with Demonetization and the Rafale scam.

Rahul Gandhi, the leader of Congress party, hit out against Narendra Modi, writing on his twitter account, “PM wrote Exam Warriors, a book to teach students stress relief during exams. Next up: Exam Warriors 2, a book to teach students & parents stress relief, once their lives are destroyed due to leaked exam papers.”



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