CBSE: No re-examination for 10th class Maths subject

CBSE: No re-examination for 10th class Maths subject

There won’t be a re-examination for 10th class Maths subject, the HRD secretary, Anil Swarup informed everyone on his twitter account. According to the tweet, the decision was made after evaluating the impact of the leak, and also understanding the students’ situation. The CBSE board had announced that students from Delhi and Haryana will have to appear for re-examination, but it seems that the authorities have now scrapped the re-test entirely. The controversial decision to conduct re-examination was criticized by the students, who began a protest before the CBSE office building to show their disagreement with the board, since many felt that they’d given the exam honestly and shouldn’t suffer because of some irresponsible agents who leaked the question paper.

However, after the incident, the CBSE board had decided to take another route for securing the question papers, as the centres are now going to receive a copy that has been encrypted, through email, which they will print and then make several copies for the students. This method was questioned because some felt it wasn’t leak proof, and there could be any technical abnormalities that could hinder the process.

There had been some reports that the leak had occurred in Haryana, as the officials of the schools in Sonepat, Jhajjar and Bahadurgarh are being investigated. Other reports suggests that an official from the CBSE offices was involved in the crime, although he or she has not been identified yet. However, in recent development, all those who have accused of leaking the papers have now been sent for two days police remand.



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