Cauvery Water Management Authority, first meeting to be held in New Delhi today to resolve conflict

Cauvery Water Management Authority, first meeting to be held in New Delhi today to resolve conflict

The first meeting for Cauvery Water Management Authority is going to be held today in New Delhi to resolve the dispute that has sprung up between the two states, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The Supreme Court had ordered the Central Government to set up Cauvery Management Authority in February 2018. However, the Congress Janta Dal government in Karnataka is going to move the Supreme Court against its decision to form the CMA. Chief Minister of Karnataka, HD Karunaswamy had held a party meeting on 30th June 2018, and said that the party has utmost respect for the apex court’s decision but some of the schemes are formed unscientifically and for which they’ll fight.

Two ministers are going to attend the meeting from Karnataka’s side, and are likely to raise concerns over the decisions, since they think it is not in interest of the state. The Cauvery River conflict between the two states originated in previous century, and came to a controversial resolution this year, when the Apex court ordered Karnataka to release 177.25 tmcft [thousand million cubic feet] of water fom the river every year to Tamil Nadu.

Karnataka and Kerala filed petitions against the decision and were rejected by the court because it felt they didn’t much merit on which re-evaluations should be made. Th Cauvery dispute has been an apple of discord between the two states and has not achieved a proper resolution as the case has been take out in court in many occasions. But now the authority has ordered Karnataka to release 31.24 tmcft Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu in July. It remains to be seen if, amid a pending petition of Karnataka, how the decision is handled by the state officials and its people.

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