The Supreme Court today ordered the Pollution Control Board that it will need to inspect the month of May and has been asked to submit the report accordingly by end of July month. The Tamil Nadu government had asked the Supreme court to look into the matter of the pollution of the Cauvery river. Cauvery river has been a subject of contention for Tamil Nadu and Karnataka for a long time now, and after the conflict about the which state is going to have the access to the major quantity of the water, it has changed to the quality of the river.

Tamil Nadu has accused Karnataka for polluting the river, and according to the reports Thenpennaiyar and Arkavathi, both of which are tributaries of the Cauvery, have been labeled as the agents of pollution for the river.

The water is very crucial for a lot of people in the regions, and if it is polluted, their lives and health could be severely affected by it. The report was made by Tamil Nadu, and was given to the Supreme court as the proof that Karnataka was letting the sewage into the river, without any precautions to either clear or stop the pollution. For the report, samples were taken from three rivers and then jested by the CPCB between the months of September and December, to check the quality of water. The name of the rivers from which the water samples were taken, were  Ajjibore (river Cauvery), Chokkarasanapalli (river Thenpennaiar) and from the Arkavathi river near Sangama. It seems that the controversy relating to the authority of the water from the river is going to continue for quite a while, until a decision is made.

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