Catriona Elisa Gray Miss Universe 2018 winning hearts through her unique style

Catriona Elisa Gray Miss Universe 2018 winning hearts through her unique style

Catriona Elisa Gray, a 24 years old model from Philippines have won the pageant of Miss universe. Gray is enjoying her stardom because of her unique style of walking. She was given tag of ”Lava Walk” by the judges, which is creating storm on the internet. Her performance was praised throughout and left a remarkable place in the competition. She was appreciated because of her unique style and performance ability. Her level of confidence, her way to approach the competition speaks loudly about her success. All the judges were totally impressed from her outstanding performance throughout the competition. She was looking absolute stunning in beautiful custom gown by Filipino designer Mark Tumang, presenting a portrait of the Mayon Volcano wrapped around in glitters.

Nicole Cordoves, one of the trainers of Gray’s expressed that during her training, everyone could see that gray has a vision towards her goals and she always keep pushing herself to perform best though her abilities. Gray came prepared and obviously was in competition to win. She got lot of positive remarks for her spontaneous reaction and her all rounder performance. Gray was born in Cairns, Queensland, she has done certificate in music theory from Berklee College of Music in Bostan.

She also has done diploma in Outdoor Recreation and a black belt in Choi Kwang do, martial arts. She played as lead singer in her school jazz band and worked in local productions of Miss Saigon. After completing her studies in Australia, she moved to Manila, Philippines where she started her career as a commercial model.

During the competition, Nehal Chudasama had increased India’s hopes to bring us the Miss Universe pageant of 2018. Last time Lara Dutta had brought us crown in 2000 year. Tamaryn Green from South Africa and Sthefany Guterrez locked the first runner up and second runner up spot at gala ceremony. Angela Ponce created the history as the first transgender woman to participate for the title of Miss Universe.

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