Cabinet approves “Bharatmala”: National Highway project of 7 lakh crore

Cabinet approves “Bharatmala”: National Highway project of 7 lakh crore

The Union Cabinet on 22 October, approved the biggest highway development plan to develop about 83,000 km of roads with about 6.9 lakh crore investment by 2022. The India’s vast highway plan includes approximately 40000 km Bharatmala highway programme connecting Indian border areas. Due to narrow and poor condition points, truck in India covers only approximately 250 km daily whereas in others developed countries they cover about 700-800 km. So, Indian government introduce their ambitious highway project and named it as “Bharatmala”.

Finance minister Arun Jaitley addresses the media and gives announcement regarding this mega project in a post-cabinet media. The goal of the center is to encourage economic activity and initiating at least 32 crore man-days across the country in the next five years. As about 70% of the works will be undertaken by Indian government funding, still it is a fresh avenue for more people spending to push economically and producing jobs for them. because the remaining, 30% of the works will be covered by market borrowing, auctioning of highway and private investment.

With this special highway development project, Modi government want to improve international, port and coastal connectivity along with connecting major economic and commercial areas. This is the biggest government announcement regarding Indian national Highway before the assembly elections.

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