Burari Murder Mystery; Relative says somebody killed them

Burari Murder Mystery; Relative says somebody killed them

The case of the use of the mechanism in the suspected death of 11 people in Bhatia House of Santnagar Bhawan in Delhi is coming out. On Sunday, in this case, the police had recovered the notebooks near the house-built temple. Some notes were being written in the year 2017. The notes which he wrote, all his family members followed. The claim is that the family was very religious. Bhupi Bhatia’s neighbor had told that there were large religious gatherings in his house, and most of the decisions were done by priests only. What has been revealed so far in police investigation is pointing to the practice of black magic and technique in this case. However, the police could not reach any conclusions yet.

Burari Murder Mystery Highlights

6:30 PM IST- Althe ok Kumar, joint commissioner of police (crime branch), said that the autopsy of all 11 bodies had been completed, and that initial reports suggest suicide. Further investigation is underway, he added..

6:00 PM IST- The notes had “strong similarity with the manner in which the mouths, eyes etc of the deceased were tied and taped,” said the police

5:30 PM IST- CCTV footage shows that food was delivered at the Bhatia home on Saturday night, around 10:40 pm

5:00 PM IST- Police sources said that the notes received from the house have got a special mention of Wat Pooja (worship of Banyan tree). On the basis of two registers from the site of the incident, the police sources told that all the members of the house were told to follow the instructions in the register.

4:35 PM IST- They believe that 11 people could not possibly have killed themselves

4:30 PM IST- Locals Of Burari rubbished the theories of occult practices. They said, that such theories are being manufactured to distract people from the fact that law and order is in a pitiable condition in Burari.

4:00 PM IST– The crime branch of Delhi Police is investigating the case of this mass suicide.

3:30 PM IST– In the initial investigation it is considered a matter of superstition because there is no trace of conflict on any corpse.

3:00 PM IST– A relative of the maternal grandfather has dismissed the superstition behind the incident. He has said that someone has killed the whole family.

2:45 PM IST- According to the forensic report, the two teenagers Dhruv and Shivam were killed first, after which the women followed. The 75-rear-old Narayan Devi was the last one to die.

2:30 PM IST- Victim’s granddaughter got engaged nearly 15 days before deaths. Narayan Devi’s (75) granddaughter got engaged on 17 June.

2:15 PM IST– SDM has also submitted its investigation report to the Crime Branch and accepted the mechanism of “Tantra Shastra“. According to the report, the Bhatia family used to do mechanism chants on the basis of books. The family system used to chant mantras.

2:00 PM IST– It is said about this whole family that they were a very friendly and honest family. Who was ready to help everyone at all times. The family was of religious instincts.

1:45 PM IST– A relative of the 11 members of a family suspected foul play in the incident, saying that “they were educated people and not superstitious”. He said it was a prosperous family. “They were not facing any financial issues and had not taken even a single loan. Everything was fine. Why would they kill themselves?” he said.

1:30 PM IST– Except the 77-yr-old woman, all the bodies were found hanging from the ceiling, most of them blindfolded with their hands tied behind their back. According to the family members the bodies will be cremated on Monday.

1:20 PM IST– A psychiatrist S Tandon told that the eldest family member may have been influenced by a ‘tantric’, resulting all the others to follow as well.

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