Buddha Purnima, birth anniversary of Gautam Buddha

Buddha Purnima, birth anniversary of Gautam Buddha
Written by Abhishek Rana

Buddha Purnima, or also known as Vesak, is celebrated to remember the birth anniversary of Gautam Buddha, who found Buddhism. It is usually celebrated on the day of full moon, in the month of Vaisakh. Gautam achieved enlightenment at the age of 35, and died in Kushinagar, India. His teaches have travelled far and wide across the world, breaking the language and cultural barriers. Buddha Purnima is celebrated in East Asia, where, it is also considered a holiday in some countries, but it’s presence can also be felt in far flung countries like Canada, America etc.

Buddha spent most of his life in India, and achieved Nirvana at the Bodhgaya. He spread the Buddhist religion across the country and then other parts of the world under the rule of King Asoka.

He achieved Nirvana through asceticism, which means, he sat under the shelter of a tree for a prolonged period of time, without water, food or any human  desire, and slowly, his body began to lose flesh, thus becoming a part of the bark, until a woman named Sujata, came to him with a bowl of Kheer, and Buddha realized that he didn’t have to let go of food because it would harm his body. He then was able to attain Nirvana. His teachings gained popularity after the nirvana, and is followed by many across the world, and he is revered by people of different cultures, his lessons not only limited to Hindu religion.

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