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BSE and Nifty at record high while Asian markets closed flat

BSE and Nifty at record high while Asian markets closed flat

BSE and Nifty stock prices were at record high, while Asian market closed with a mixed response today. Japan’s leading index Nikkie rose 0.48 percent to close at 20,050.16 as shares of Japanese automobile industry contributed to gains after Mitsubishi Motors beat earnings expectations. Leading indicator of consumer price inflation.The Corporate Services Price Index (CSPI) of Japan remained the same from previous value of 0.8%. leading indicator of consumer price inflation.

South Korea’s Kospi index whipped gains made in the morning trading session to close lower by 0.22 percent at 2,434.51.

Down Under index S&P/ASX200 rose 0.87 percent to end at 5,776.6, driven by solid gains in the energy and materials

China markets were mixed, the Shanghai Composite finished the session higher by 0.12 percent, 3,247.5834 Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index was up 0.29 percent

India’s leading index BSE jumped to 154.19 points ended up closing at 32,382.46.While Nifty soar to new record highs of 10025 point and ended at 10015

Oil prices extended gains on Wednesday after shooting more than 3 percent overnight on news OPEC leader Saudi Arabia said it would limit its crude exports to tackle oversupply concerns.And The American Petroleum Institute forecast inventory to decline up to 10 million BPD this time.

Dollar index is mixed on Wednesday before the awaited outcome of two days FOMC meeting trading at 94.04 at 3pm IST. Silver and Gold prices slided on Wednesday before the FOMC meeting as the traders are not expecting  chances rate hike from the Federal Reserve this month.Silver is trading at 37919 INR and recovered from day’s low of 37778 and Gold is trading at 28325 after making low of 28305 at 3:15 IST.

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