Blue Whale Challenge : Teen attempts suicide in Delhi, Police probe on

Blue Whale Challenge : Teen attempts suicide in Delhi, Police probe on
Written by Karu Cheema

Student in his mid-teens attempted suicide by jumping of fourth floor of his house. Police are probing whether Blue Whale Game Challenge was the reason behind attempted suicide attempt. Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Police Milind Mahadeo Dumbere said incident happened in Ashok Vihar, northern art of Delhi.

Dumbere said certain part of media is reporting suicide due to Blue Whale Game, but until now through investigation and inquiry , role of Blue Whale has not been established. He said their was no self inflicted injury and his condition is stable post hospitalization. He contended that the boy had changed his school recently and was not able to adjust with his new schoolmates as he was attached to his old friends, and requested people not to jump to conclusions and create panic.

Blue Whale game has reportedly been a cause of panic in various parts of the country, as rumors mills are running wild and each incident is being connected to Blue Whale Challenge Game.

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