Blue whale challenge is a set of death instructions on internet that has come to India

Blue whale challenge is a set of death instructions on internet that has come to India
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Blue whale challenge originated in Russia in 2015 and it is already responsible for more than 100 deaths around the world. Blue Whale Challenge is a set of 50 instructions last of which it is suicide. The challenge takes place on internet where depressed children are taken into the game and they are given one instruction per day to follow. Instructions are something like listening to death metal at 4 in the morning or cutting your wrist with a sharp object to draw the sign of blue whale on the forearm.

Originator of the game is a 22 year old Russian Philipp Budeikin who is now serving a 3 year jail term but it seems as though he has allies. The logic Budeikin arrived at before inventing this game and killing little kids is that depressed people are biological waste and he is cleaning the world by making them commit suicide. Few weeks back a 9th standard student committed suicide by jumping off the roof from his home in Andheri West, Mumbai and apparently he was playing blue whale.

This week a 7th standard student in Madhya Pradesh also jumped off from the 3rd floor because of this challenge. Blue whale has killed 100’s of children in China, America and U.K.. Teens who don’t understand this game of death tend to participate in it and then lose their lives to a sociopath who thought he is above this world. It remains unclear as though who is the current administrator of this game is but it is operational. The challenge gets its name from Beach whales who gets stranded and eventually die. Parents should make sure that their child who is operating internet is not a part of this horrible sick game.

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