There has been a fire at 10th of a building, called Arunachal Bhawan, near Vashi railway station, which his situated in Navi Mumbai. Smoke and fire is coming out of the multiple storied building, and there hasn’t been no news of the people inside, have been evacuated or not. But the fire men have reached the place and are now dousing the building with water from all the sides. The fire seems to be very severe and the eye witness’ are now sharing the videos from the site. People have gathered out side the building and the attempts are still going on to extinguish or take it under control, so that it doesn’t spread out or to floor below.

Black smoke is now being shot in the sky above and there are screams of shock at the incident. This is the second fire incident in Mumbai, after the fire in the Gareebnagar slums.

The Firemen will have difficulty in reaching the heights of the building, so they’ll try to extinguish it with the help of a crane, which could reach the 10th floor that has caught on fire. The fire could get out of control if isn’t tamed, and people will have to evacuated from the building quickly, if they haven’t been already.

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