BK Hari Prasad could be Congress Nominee in Rajya Sabha

BK Hari Prasad could be Congress Nominee in Rajya Sabha
Written by Abhishek Lohia

Voting on August 9 for the Rajya Sabha Deputy Speaker Today is to file nomination till 12 noon. Congress leader BK Hariprasad will be the joint candidate of the opposition. BK Hariprasad will be filing nominations at 9.25 pm. Let us know that we have to enroll only today at 12 noon. The opposition had given the right to choose the candidate for the Congress. While Shiv Sena has decided to support NDA candidate Harivansh Rai. At the same time, the most important link in this election was the news of Naveen Patnaik’s BJP supporting NDA candidate. BJD has nine MPs in the Rajya Sabha. Bihar’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had appealed to CM Naveen Patnaik of Orissa to support Harvans.

On behalf of the opposition, Sharad Pawar’s Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) has also refused to fight. The first news was that the Opposition could make the NCP MP Vandana Chavan a candidate. The meeting of leaders of opposition parties was also held for the opposition candidate on Tuesday evening. It is a big challenge for the NDA and the UPA to get the numbers in this election as both parties do not have the necessary data to win. In such a scenario, the 9-member Biju Dal in the Rajya Sabha can play the role of Kingmaker in the game of defeat.

In the Rajya Sabha, 244 MPs are currently in the position to vote. In such a scenario, 123 votes are required to win any candidate. At present, the NDA has 115 seats in the Rajya Sabha, the majority of which has 73 seats. The UPA has 113 seats. The Congress has the highest number of 50 seats. Other parties have 16 seats in the Rajya Sabha. Of these, the maximum nine seats are with BJD. If 9 BJD MPs cast their votes in favor of the NDA candidate, then the NDA (115 + 9) will go to 124 seats, which will be more than one seat by majority.

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