BJP Chief Amit Shah blames congress to convert Dev Bhoomi to Mafia Bhumi in Himachal rally

BJP Chief Amit Shah blames congress to convert Dev Bhoomi to Mafia Bhumi in Himachal rally

BJP president begins his series of Public Meetings in Himachal on Monday. Amit Shah has seen traditionally dressed up wearing Maroon Himachali cap while addressing a public rally in Dalhousie, Chamba Dist. The party workers welcome their party chief by chanting slogans of “Jai Shri Ram”. Amit Shah started his speech with “Bharat Mata Ki Jay” and ask people from Dev bhumi to join him. He started his speech by smashing Congress Cheif Minister and blames that the Congress has turned tourists Favourite “Dev Bhumi” Himachal into “Mafia land”. He blames CM Virbhadra Singh of corruption and says that every member of his family is alleged with corruption charges. He further adds by referring CAG report that CM failed to justify 20K crore of loan taken by the government in the name of development.

BJP chief didn’t forget to play Modi card during his speech. He replied to Rahul Gandhi’s question which he asked in Gujrat while targeting PM Narendra Modi that, What PM has done in 3 years in the reply, Shah recalls various scams done during the former party of ISRO scam, Coal scam, CWG scam, Adarsh Scam, coal Scam of 12lakh crore. Amit Shah covers his speech to Border areas also by saying that Dev Bhumi has significant contribution in Inidan Army, and give the credit of introducing OROP to BJP. He also said that BJP is an only party which will not hesitate to share all reports among the people.

Shah said that the Ruling party has increased the state grant from 10,000 crores to 41,000 crores. Campaigning for BJP at Arki and Haroli, Mr. Shah said only crime and corruption increased under the rule of Congress in Himachal Pradesh but people need to convert state in the “Modern state”.

The elections in Himachal Pradesh will take place on 9th November for the 68-seat Himachal Pradesh Assembly. The results will be declared on 18 December.

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