On Friday, Bihar Samstipur angry crowd pelted stones at the police station and burnt police vehicle to protest after the drug cartel’s murder. Samstipur district of Bihar has emanated with a fierce fight in the response to the death of one person. The Bihar people drifted their anger on the police on Friday by burning their vehicles on road and pelting stones. As per the re[orts in this protest around two people have got injured poorly. The police said that the angry mob attack has firstly targetted the SSP and the police station. And they have also jammed the National Highways.

However, police are trying to control this massive situation. The angry mob has set the 20 police vehicles on fire along with destruction. In this demonstration, police have fired on the people in which one man has lost his life. And then the anger of the crowd got torn apart, they fiercely fired. Officials said that they are trying to control the situation.

It is reported that these people are protesting against the killing of the drug businessman in Tajpur along with the kidnapping of a minor girl. As per the reports on Thursday, the drug businessman Janardan Thakur was shot dead in the Tajpur area. After that, the protest has emerged over the Samstipur area of Bihar.

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