Bigg Boss 11 Episode 12 updates: Shilpa Shinde is the most entertaining Gharwali

Bigg Boss 11 Episode 12 updates: Shilpa Shinde is the most entertaining Gharwali

The episode begins with Sargun Mehta and Manu Panjabin and journalist Saurav Sharma discussing the week in the Bigg Boss house and the behavior of Gharwalas. Shilpa and Vikas have a conversation and seems to be talking peacefully. Due to some missteps, like talking in English and sleeping before the bed time, the house gets on 1400 rs in budget. Sapna and Vikas then have an argument about food. The panel is asked about the strongest contenders, and they both agree on Sapna and Hina, and think that Arshi just keeps going from one group to another.

The show then flashes the many fights of Sapna and Arshi, all the cat fights and backbiting and calling each other with abusive language. The Panel conclude that Sapna is very competitive and real in her behavior. The Panel asks her brother, and he says that the audience haven’t even seen what Sapna is capable of, and that she’s playing well.

The show then flashes to Hina’s behavior in the house and Sargun is very dismissive of Hina because she thinks that she keeps saying what comes to her mind and that could prove a disadvantage for her.

Then Vikas chooses Hina to be sent to Kaal kothari and she begins to fight everyone. Arshi and Shilpa have a fight and abuse each other, Arshi says she’s going to spit at Shilpa. Then Sapna and Arshi fight and Sapna tells everyone that she’s going to hit her with her chappal and destroy her life. The Gharwalas decide that they want Sapna to go into the Kal Kothari with Arshi and Sapna.

In the Kal Kothari, Sapna attacks Arshi with mosquito spray and Arshi gets mad and begins to throw things around.

UPCOMING: Salman khan is going to host and one of the gharwala is going to be eliminated in the next episode.

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