Bhopal Gangrape case: 19-year-old raped for three hours; Police refused to register FIR

Bhopal Gangrape case: 19-year-old raped for three hours; Police refused to register FIR

In Bhopal 19-year-old girl was gang-raped by four men for more than three hours and no one reported her FIR. On Thursday she was returning home after her coaching class in Madhya Pradesh when this incident happened. Rapist abducted the women in the vicinity of the Habibganj railway station. And the shocking news is this that three police station refused to register FIR for the case. It is a horrifying case which happened with the 19-year-old college girl. As per the reports, she was allegedly tied up by four men who repeatedly raped her under a bridge in the heart of Bhopal. It is reported that the rapist has also taken the tea and gutka break while assaulting women.

However, Gangrape case is not new for India and Indians. As 80% of women are suffering from the rape and teasing while some of them have faced this horrific assault. This horrifying gang rape has shaken the Bhopal which is known as the safest city for women. The spot where gangrape happened is one of the busiest roads in the city.

The victim travels from her hometown to Coaching about an hour journey from Bhopal. She is preparing for UPSC exams. On Tuesday while returning from coaching she was raped near Habibganj station. The victim reported that she was forced by Golu Bihari Chadhar firstly, later on, he accompanied by Amar Ghuntu.

However, she kept fighting after rape girl went to the nearest police station to file a complaint against them. Somehow, police refused to file her complaint and asked her to go to another police station. The Bhopal city police negligence has broke women emotionally and physically. Moreover, Bhopal public is now coming over with immense anger against government and police. Also, the Congress workers are protesting against Shivraj government. They are protesting against the Bhopal police for not helping a girl in the night after the terrific gang rape. Although Police have arrested all the four rapists.

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