Benjamin Netanyahu visits India Narendra Modi breaks protocol to meet him at airport

Benjamin Netanyahu visits India Narendra Modi breaks protocol to meet him at airport
Written by Abhishek Rana

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to India for a four day visit, and breaking the protocol, Narendra Modi himself went to the airport to receive him, reciprocating the gesture, as Netnayahu had also came to the airport when Modi went to Israel six months ago. Now, his visit will boost the relationship of the two countries even more. After greeting each other at the Airport, the two went to the Teen Murti Chowk, where they attended the ceremony to rename it to Teen Murti Haifa Chowk. They also signed the visitors book at the chowk. Narendra Modi wrote the following in the visitors book: “It is the 100th anniversary of the end of World War-1. Many golden pages of the sacrifices of Indian braves are written in the history of both World War. One of these pages was written 100 years ago, in the sacrifice of Indian soldiers at Haifa. The sacrifice commemorated at Teen Murti observes its centenary. Naming spot as Teen Murti – Haifa Chowk, marks this historic occasion. In presence of the Prime Minister of Israel, we pay homage to the brave soldiers. Salute to the great Indian traditions of selfless sacrifice and penance.”

Nethanyahu visits India after Israel’s attack on the terror tunnels in Gaza that connected to Egypt, and which was used to attack targets. The attack was confirmed by the Israeli forces.

Still, his visit will be another reminded to the world that India believe’s in making friends and collaborating with other developing nations so that they can work together in harmony. The social media also took note that Congress seemed to make fun of Narendra Modi by posting a video and captioning it with, With Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu visiting India, we look forward to more hugs from PM Modi.

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