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Bengaluru man treats himself by playing guitar during brain surgery

Bengaluru man treats himself by playing guitar during brain surgery
Written by Shubham Jain

A man who was lying down on the operating table having a brain surgery was playing guitar while the doctors “burned” his brain to treat a neurological disorder. The man’s musician’s dystonia was cured in the seven-hour long operation. The men were suffering from camps in three fingers of his left hand while playing guitar for more than a half and a year.

Dystonia is neurological movement disorder in which the brain sends wrong information to the muscles. More than woman men are used to be more affected by this disorder. Dystonia happens due to meticulous use of guitar or musical instruments, the muscle gets twisted, which result in abnormal fixed postures.

The men played guitar during the surgery, in which doctors burned parts of his brain which triggered the abnormal twitch in the muscles, to help the doctors to locate the. A senior neurologist from the University of British Columbia, Dr. Sanjiv C C said that this problem happens to him whenever he tries to play guitar and it was needed for the doctors that he played the instrument at the time of operation to find out the exact location of the target to be repaired.

While the man said that he was amazed to see his fingers improve magically on the operation table itself. he said that his fingers were 100% cured by the end of the surgery and he could move them now, he walked out of the hospital within three days of surgery and is all set to play guitar again.

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