Benajmin Netanyahu in Ahmedabad, roadshow with Narendra Modi

Benajmin Netanyahu in Ahmedabad, roadshow with Narendra Modi

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, who is on a six day trip in India, has just arrived in Ahmadabad, Gujarat and is taking a part in the roadshow. Prime Minsiter Narendra Modi said in a statement prior to Netanyahu’s visit, “The city of Ahmedabad will greet Mrs and Mr Netanyahu with a reception, as they proceed to Sabarmati Ashram from Ahmedabad Airport.” The security around the city has been tightened, as there will be cultural event. Children were seen practicing their dance performance on the song Ghoomar. Netanyahu will accompany Modi on a 8 km roadshow, that will begin from the airport and end at the Sabarmati Ashram.

After the road show, the two will be inaugurating the iCreate Center at Deo Dholera Village in Ahmedabad, that was launched in 2011. At the Sabarmati Ashram, they will tour the place and the Indian Prime Minster will tell Netanyahu about the great Mahatma Gandhi, and all the other cultural heritage of the state.

Grand preparations have been done for the Israeli Prime Minister and his wife, Sara, with the people dressed in the traditional garb of Gujarat, with pagadis. The roadshow will shortly commence, as Narendra Modi is going to proceed with the security towards the gate, as other Jhakis and other cultural showcase of the state have already started to travel down the road. Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife sitting in a  jeep, with Narendra Modi seated before them, but it isn’t clear if the roof is going to open up and let the people see them. This could be because of the security reasons.

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