Triple talaq case Bareilly; Decision against Nida Khan declared invalid

Triple talaq case Bareilly; Decision against Nida Khan declared invalid

Nida Khan, who has raised voice against Halala, Teen-Talaq, and Polygamy, has won a big victory. Bareilly ACJM First took a big decision, accepted the plea of Nida Khan and called this Teen-talaq invalid. The court has ordered her husband to prosecute domestic violence. After this court order, Nida Khan, daughter of Bareilly’s famous, Hazrat Khandhan wife, has got a great success. Earlier, on Monday (July 16th), Bareilly’s eminent harem, Hazrat Dargah had announced a fatwa issued Nida Khan out of Islam. Nida had filed a case of domestic violence against her husband Sharan. Sheeran pleaded with the court to dismiss the case. Sheeran said that after divorcing Nida, he has given the necessary amount for his expenditure during Mehr and Hiddat.

Sheran said that now there is no case of domestic violence against them. ACJM First Court rejected Tuesday’s plea. The court in its judgment declared the basis of the Teen-Talaq cases given to Nida to be invalid. The court, under the light of the Supreme Court, said that there has been no difference in the law on the basis of Hindu women and Muslim women. The court said that case of domestic violence against Sheeran Khan will continue. On the other hand, Triple-talaq victim Bareilly’s Purana Shehar resident Nida Khan has announced that she will challenge this fatwa in the honorable Supreme Court. Nida said that there is democracy in the country, hence the rule of law will prevail.

Bareilly Triple-Talaq; Nida Khan Case

Nida had alleged on her husband that she was aborted because of the beating of her husband in 2015. Since then, Nida is campaigning against the teen-talaq and Halala. Mufti Mohammed Khursheed Alam Razavi says, “Nida wants change in Shariat Law, while Allah has made Islamic law. Nida has been giving statements against the Quran and Hadith, so she is being evicted from Islam. If she publicly apologizes, she will again become our sister, Md. Alam Razavi further said.

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